Sociotoco presents major update to its Social CRM API

Collect complete user identities with Sociotoco Sets

Sociotoco has added Sociotoco Sets to its line of solutions for social CRM systems. With Sociotoco Sets (now in beta) anyone is able to create sets of multiple social network profiles, and treat them as one identity. A Sociotoco set is like a Twitter or Facebook list, only across 30+ different social networks. The features of Sociotoco Sets are available both as a client tool and through Sociotoco's API.
The Dutch social media business unit Sociotoco, part of ISM eCompany, has added Sociotoco Sets to its line of solutions for social CRM systems. This new solution adds power to Sociotoco's existing people search features, which were available earlier, and were recently implemented by BatchBlue in their BatchBook social CRM product.

With Sociotoco Sets (now in beta) people are able to create sets of social profiles across multiple networks, and treat them as one identity. This can help solve the complicated problem of people not knowing which of their contacts have which profiles on which networks.

A Sociotoco set is just one person's view of the profiles of a contact. However, by adding more people, systems, and crawlers to the system, each with their own sets about similar contacts, collective intelligence will enable the system to monitor people's sets, suggest new profiles, and send updates about profile changes.

Sociotoco considers Sociotoco Sets as an important step towards a full social CRM service, supporting customers with one easy API that connects them to 30+ social networks. The next steps will involve adding even more social networks, evolving the client tool for standalone usage, and growing the API to include notifications and profile suggestions.
About Sociotoco

Sociotoco is a new Dutch agency that specializes in social media development, social media coaching and social CRM. The team members of Sociotoco have ample experience in building social media tools and presence. Sociotoco is a fully owned business unit of ISM eCompany.